Have you ever experienced the startup issues with your Windows 10, when you open your PC. If you have any issues with your windows, you can apply the methods which are mentioned below in the blog. Here you can read and fix it by yourself at your home without waiting for any assistance.

How to Fix Windows 10 issues

After its introduction, most of the people are looking forward to the Windows 10 and using it across the world and everyone has experienced the popular Windows 10 issues like: corrupted files issues, lagging issues, low performance problem, software scratch problem etc. So, here you can fix it with this content support.

Slow performance issue while Booting the Computer

When you start your PC, if you see the slowing issue with your Windows 10 then you have to initially delete all the temporary files or data. Next you have to uninstall all the useless application, downloaded application, clear history as well from your PC. After you clear it, all those things from your PC refresh it with right click or F5 and you’ll see the fast speed of PC when you open at the next time.

Fix Scratch issue

If your PC has scratch or incise, initially you have to keep one backup data copy with you. After having that backup data copy, logout of your Windows. And then click to login welcome screen. After that click the right corner of the power button, then click  the restart option.

After doing all these things, it’s the time to reinstall all the programs in your PC not from the Windows and you’ll not see again the scratch issue.

How to fix the Corrupted Files in your PC

The most important thing is to search the PowerShell and then right click the windows of PowerShell and run as admin. After you did all these things, still it is not working then press the Win key-R, write and search the PowerShell and do enter. Now, go to the task bar that PowerShell icon after that you can close the icon first. And last thing is to go to the PowerShell icon again, select the run option and it will work as administrator.

Lagging Issues while working on your PC

If you got lagging issues with your PC or laptop while you are working, just minimise your page and refresh your computer system with F5 or right click. After that still your PC is not working then, directly press your power button for a while and keep it for five seconds. After five seconds you can try to on your PC, then you will see the change with your PC and lastly before you do anything you have to refresh it once again after you can continue your work without any lagging issue.

Virus Problem

Whether you are using Windows 10 or Mac Operating system the virus problem is quite common to face. The use of external storage devices and surfing on internet is one of the biggest reason behind virus problem. The lack of awareness leads to the damage of files and data by the virus. Simply install a reputed Antivirus for the safety of your PC from the Virus. There are multiple Antivirus available in the market, these days just install a reputed one.

Get Technical Support

All the above mentioned tips are quite essentials for the proper working of Windows 10 PC. But, if still problems are there with your PC then simply contact the Windows 10 Tech Support company. The technicians at these companies will help you to fix all the issues by taking the remote access of your device.

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