For centuries, human beings have given a lot of thought to what divides them from the animals. Despite the fact that there are a lot of differences between human beings and animals, many disagree that it is our better reasoning skills that truly set us apart. In more recent years, we’ve turned our mind to what separates humans from machines. In a short period of time, artificial intelligence science has advanced so fast that PC now seems more human than ever. The greatest difficulty in developing artificial intelligence is not developing something genius. The challenge is designing something that seems like human. Right through the short history of artificial intelligence, a number of tests have been projected that will distinguish between true artificial intelligence and a hopeful.

Artificial Intelligence Performs Machine Reading & Eye Surgeries

Recently, there has been some consideration about what the world really wants out of an artificially intelligent device. It’s great if they can take on a conversation or create art, but what about the emotions of human that set us apart from devices. In a recent discussion of panel at Robotronica 2016, panelists talk about what human emotions it would be essential for artificial intelligence to get. Sympathy was first on the list of discussion. If a machine could feel sympathy, humans won’t need to panic about the artificial intelligence as we have a tendency to do.

Artificial intelligence (AI) made unbelievable pace in year 2016, and the growth appears set to speed up as in the year 2017. A team of Microsoft experts has released a document of questions and answers of around 100,000 that other Artificial intelligence experts can use for free cost in their mission to create devices that can read and answer queries like a human being. The Microsoft MARCO document is based on anonymized real-world information from Cortana and Bing queries and is part of an effort to urge the breakthroughs in machine reading that are previously happening in speech and image recognition.

The move is also meant at facilitating growth in the direction of artificial intelligence, or devices that can think like humans and can understand and read a document as well as a person.

In the meantime, Artificial Intelligence helped a musician in Norway sing a latest tune for the holidays last year on the eve of Christmas carol that was formed by the Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence technology.

A contestant on Norway’s popular musical talent serial “The Voice,” sang the computer-written song “Joyful Time in the City”. The melody and lyrics were written via detailed Artificial Intelligence analysis over two weeks of more than fifty best Christmas carols. Machine learning software identified sequence in the tunes and used those to forecast what should come next, for an end result that mixes Christmas carols from decades past and latest modern ones.

The song still required a human touch, though the contestant put the final creative modification on the lyrics, jointly with colleague who is a drummer. The contestant also said that he is not afraid that AI will take over music because it could turn out to be a great band member.

In the business world, conversational software built on cloud-based Artificial Intelligence are allowing new frontiers in user understanding, simplifying contact to information and helping businesses and users make more informed choices.

The change of conversational computing is just starting in business, as software are connected to business databases and are starting to make simpler responsibilities via informal activities. A recently announced Microsoft feature will permit companies to turn their websites’ FAQ sections into chat software that can speak multiple languages, thanks to Microsoft Translator.

Artificial intelligence also is being used to help get rid of blindness, through work done by Microsoft India in association with the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India. The (MINE) Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eye care is a worldwide association of commercial, research and academic institutions researching to use artificial intelligence to battle certain eye infections and to boost delivery of eye care services worldwide.

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