The Microsoft Edge Team has lots of latest features to reveal, focused on making it simpler than ever to keep an eye on your tabs and pick up where you left them, as well as a few other surprises.


Tab preview bar: It’s simple to lose track of what’s in your tabs, particularly when you have a number of tabs from the same location, with similar icons and titles. Tab preview bar lets you to easily peep at a visual opening of every tab you have opened without leaving your home page. You can scroll down the list with mouse wheel, a touchpad or touch. Just tab the chevron icon next to your tabs to get started.

Place these tabs apart: We often hear that it’s a pain to keep all your tabs ordered, and to pick up where you left off. Sometimes you just want to set everything apart and start from a clean account. This build have added two new buttons next to your tabs in Microsoft Edge to help you swiftly accomplish all your tabs without losing your stream.

Jump List for Microsoft Edge: You can now open a new window or new Private window for Microsoft Edge directly from its Taskbar icon. Just right-click or dig up on the Microsoft Edge icon in the Taskbar, and pick the job you need.

Component User Interface: This release presents a new UWP architecture for Microsoft Edge’s multi-process model, plus a new visual tree and new input model. These variations will help recover steadiness and input awareness and make the browser UI stronger to slow or hung web page content. Be on the lookout for any problems with tab launches and activation or input and share feedback in the Feedback Hub if you have glitches.

Flash Click-to-Run: It will now stop untrusted Flash content by default until the user clearly chooses to play it. This means improved security, stability, and act for you, while conserving the option to run Flash when you select. They will be developing this knowledge in upcoming flights to make the option to run Flash content more contextually understandable.

Web Transactions: Microsoft Edge now has preview support for the new Transaction Request API, which permits websites to make checkout simpler using the payment and shipping favorites stored in your Microsoft Wallet. This is presently in a preview state for developers and will not execute payment information until any further updates.

Start and Shell Improvements

Tile Folders in Start: As part of the constant effort of developers to check experiences across devices, and to report your feedback, you know that with latest build you will now be able to set your Start tiles into folders. Tile folders are a method for you to form and personal your tiles in Start, and this is latest in Windows 10 PCs. To get started, drag and drop a tile on topmost of another tile in Start to create a folder.

Latest Windows Share involvement: Developers have redesigned the Windows sharing practice to be more app-focused and combined with where you are sharing from. The new Windows Share will pop-up the new share fly out within the application you are sharing from and give you a list of applications you can share to. The WIN + H key, applied in the earlier Windows share experience, has been detached.

Capture a section of your monitor: OneNote 2016’s famous screenshot feature is now fabricated into Windows 10. You can use Win + Shift + S to screenshot a section of your screen and paste it to the clipboard for pasting into OneNote for Windows 10. Note that this feature substitutes the one in OneNote 2016.

Better high-DPI support for desktop apps: Build 15002 brings more wow in the way of high-DPI support from the earlier updates. First, much like they did with Microsoft Management Console, they have updated Performance Monitor to now be harder on high-DPI PCs. Second, they have enabled these progresses by default for some Windows desktop apps; you can now use them yourself for other GDI-based applications. To do this, you’ll have to search the application’s .exe file, right-click on it, and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab, and turn on System DPI scaling, and click OK. This setting dominates the way that applications handle DPI scaling and forces them to be scaled by Windows. The setting that was earlier labeled Disable display mounting on high DPI settings is now mentioned to as Application scaling. This supports only for apps that use GDI.

Smooth Window Resize: One of the things we’ve come to our knowledge from Windows Insiders is that the animation when resizing windows isn’t always smooth. We’ve taken that response, and Insiders should see better-quality performance and smoothness when resizing GDI-based Desktop applications and UWP apps. In addition to this work, we’ve also simplified our code so that when rapidly resizing UWP apps, the window frame background will be clear as the app adjusts, rather than a flat base color.

Desktop Icon Placement and Scaling Expansions: Developers claim that sometimes desktop icons aren’t scaled or set as expected, mainly after docking/undocking your gadget, working with monitors that have diverse DPI, or projecting your screen. We want users to feel that desktop icons are steady, scaled correctly, and move predictably when changing monitor configurations, so we’ve made changes to how this logic works in order to address your feedback. Now when you change your multi-monitor configuration, project your display, dock/undock your device, add or remove monitors, or otherwise make changes that affect the icon scaling, you should see an upgrading in how the system adjusts the layout of your desktop icons.

Easy and faster VPN access: A much demanded feature from our VPN users is to update the Network flyout and we have done that too. After selecting a VPN, you can now click connect from within the flyout rather demanding to open VPN Settings. We appreciate the reaction and look forward to what you have to share next! If you face any issues, you can still connect to VPN from the VPN Settings. You can simply contact Microsoft Windows 10 Support for any assistance.

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